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Week 9 (Week 2 Story Tellers)

Week 2 - Story Tellers


I hope our new topic Story Tellers has been clear for you to follow and you have found all the resources you need. 

Well done to those of you who have sent through their plan, introduction and edited your work based on my feedback; there have been some amazing stories sent through! 


We will be continuing to write a whole story over the next three weeks where I mark your work once you have written each section; you then edit and improve your work based on the feedback given. 


Week 2 

Now we are on to the second week, you should have your introduction finished and edited with all your improvements and corrections.

In the second week you will need to write the build up to your conflict/climax and then you will need to write the main conflict/climax for your story.


On Monday you will need to follow the PowerPoint for direct and indirect speech (Lesson 3) and complete the activities.

On Tuesday you will need to follow the PowerPoint for building tension and suspension (Lesson 4) and complete the activities, using this to help write the build up to your story.  

On Wednesday and Thursday you will write the build up to your conflict/climax and then the main conflict/climax. 

On Friday you will edit and improve your own writing, thinking about what feedback you were given in your introduction, then you will send the build up and main conflict to me to be marked over the weekend. 



All the activities are saved in the weekly plan, uploaded in the weekly star, this will also be uploaded in to the daily stars. Each day will have a different activity which will be linked to your plan or story introduction. 


Don't forget to complete some of the creative activities too! 


All the resources can be found in the weekly star. 


Any questions, please message me on dojo. 

I look forward to reading your stories!

Mr Heyne