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Weekly Activities

Good morning everyone. 


Your writing task this week is again linked to our  Australia topic, based on the traditional Aboriginal dream stories.  Read through the Power Points below of the different animal stories, then choose your own Australian animal or bird and write a story about it in the style of an Aboriginal dream story.  There is a planning template to help you plan, then write your story in your orange book. 

In addition you should choose a topic activity from the topic grid to complete each day along with your daily maths and english task that you can find on the day of the week star.  You can send us messages and photos of completed work through Class Dojo.  Please complete these tasks in the orange book that we sent home. 

Again we will set you an online  spelling Quiz on Purple Mash on Monday and Wednesday and you have your 10 spellings below to learn. Your book for the week is called Ollie and the Great Sink.  It is set in Victorian times so I am sure you will enjoy it.  As last week you will be set a chapter a day with the accompanying quizzes and activities.  This week they can all be completed online. Do try and keep up with your daily work. Our maths topic this week is on decimals.  You have a daily mathsletics task and some White Rose written activities included below. 

The SPaG activities this week are a SPaG mat and a spelling task that has been set on Purple Mash. We have uploaded three different SPaG mats, which include the answers, so you can choose which one you would like to complete.


Have a good week.


Mrs Close and Mrs Walsh. 

Maths this week: Decimals


Below is a link that will take you to ‘White Rose’,here you will find resources to help support the topic. On each lesson there is also an activity for you to complete in your orange books. Attached are also the answers for you to check you’re on the right track.


 Suggestions for completing maths this week;


Monday          Lesson 1 Decimals up to 2 dp

                        Mathletics - ‘Are you ready?’


Tuesday         Lesson 2 Decimals as a fraction Part 1

                        Mathletics  - ‘Decimal place value’ 


Wednesday    Lesson 3 Decimals as a fraction Part 2

                        Mathletics – Weekly test


Thursday       Lesson 4 Understanding thousandths

                        Mathletics – ‘Decimals from words’


Friday            Lesson 5 Thousandths as decimals

                        Mathletics – ‘Decimals to Fractions’


There are also questions set on mathletics on Decimals for you to complete.

On Wednesday you will have a weekly test. 

Weekly Spellings


Spellings for this week: Challenge task with spellings. Can you write spellings into a WOW sentence.


1.   language

2.   category

3.   curiosity

4.   embarrass 

5.   dentists

6.   philosophers

7.   offices

8.   professors

9.   vehicles

10. shoulder​