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Weekly Activity

Monday 20th March 2020 - Friday 3rd April 2020

Complete the following writing and grammar tasks this week: 

  • Writing
    • Write a time travel story about the Tudor times! Imagine you have woken up in King Henry VIII's palace. What do you see? What do you do? Where do you sleep? How do you return back home to your normal life? Use your knowledge of what life was like during this time period in history to help you write a short story (Clothing, food, King Henry VIII, the six wives, etc.) 
    • Remember to include the key features of story writing:
      • Past tense verbs
      • Speech marks
      • Paragraphs
      • Descriptive language 
    • Take a look at the features of a narrative below. Good luck with your writing! 
  • Grammar
    • Complete SPaG Mat 2 
    • Purple Mash: Spelling activity Spring 2 week 2 quiz
    • Spellings Test: see words below
  • Topic
    • Complete one activity daily from the topic home learning grid to support your learning about Spain. (This can be found under 'Home Learning Grid' star)

Weekly Spellings

The list will be available on Monday and can be tested at home whenever suits you.


Week 2 Spellings: 

1. though

2. although

3. dough

4. through

5. breakthrough

6. thought

7. bought

8. brought

9. fought

10. ought

Bonus: use 2 of these words in 1 sentence.