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Our Curriculum


The INTENT of our curriculum is to ensure that the learning here at Warrender supports our mission that all children will thrive socially, emotionally and academically, in a setting that enables them to feel safe and happy.  We have designed the curriculum to enable the children to ASPIRE to develop a curiosity of the world around them.  To acquire the knowledge to understand their place locally, nationally and as a global citizen, and to understand how events, people and places have shaped the world in which we live.  We wish to enable ALL children to develop the skills and confidence to challenge preconceptions and societal limitations and to be free to become the very best of themselves.


Our curriculum is personalised to Warrender School as we look to support the development and growth of our ASPIRE learning characteristics in conjunction with the knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum programmes of study.



It is our aim is that all children:


  • ACHIEVE their academic potential, whilst developing the skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
  • SUPPORT each other in times of challenge, but also in not believing anyone is limited by circumstance.
  •  Take PRIDE in who they are and the whole school community- looking at how we can celebrate our individuality, each other’s successes and help support and grow with one another.
  • INSPIRE each other to dream big and to develop the skills that will support everyone to become life-long learners.
  •   RESPECT the planet, themselves and their fellow humans, enabling everyone to thrive in a safe and happy environment.
  • ENJOYMENT of our time here at Warrender, enabling the school to be a happy and safe place for all.


The curriculum will be IMPLEMENTED as either a half term, or whole termly topic.  The aim is to immerse the children in their learning; forging clear cross-curricular links and enabling the children to explore their learning more deeply.  There will be a duality of learning, where children will develop both the knowledge, skills and understanding as specified in the National Curriculum, as well as our Warrender ASPIRE characteristics.


If you would like more information about the curriculum followed please speak to your child’s class teacher.


Our Curriculum

Challenge Days

Here at Warrender we are proud of our curriculum, combining both the skills, knowledge and understanding of the National Curriculum, with the ASPIRE learning characteristics that make up the school vision to create a personalised learning experience for us as a school.  It is this duality that we believe gives the children the best possible start in education as they develop the social and emotional foundations which underpin their academic learning.  It is our belief that without being secure emotionally and socially, any academic achievement will have a fragility that may prove unsustainable as the children grow.  For us, this is what it truly means to enable our children to become ‘secondary ready’.


However, the national Curriculum only take us so far.  To us, the term 'Secondary Ready' speaks of a confidence to stand against ignorance, bigotry and prejudice.  We want the children here at Warrender to understand their place in society and be prepared to make a positive contribution to the world.  In response, over the course of this year we will set aside a series of days to better understand a current local, national or global issue. We are calling these days, Challenge Days

Challenge Day Example - Refugees (presentation to parents)