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Monday 4th

Monday 4th January 2021


Good Morning,

Happy 2021!

I hope you are feeling ready to start learning again. We begin our new topic, Invaders, by finding out about the Anglo-Saxons. 

Today, we will read the beginning of Beowulf and find out about the Anglo-Saxons.

In maths, we are focussing on the 11 and 12x table.

You will also recreate your name using runes (Anglo-Saxon writing).

There are also activities to complete on Purple Mash.


Any work you wish to share with me please upload to dojo. I am already able to see work that you do on Purple Mash and Mathletics.


Have a good day

Miss Spooner :)


Introduction to our topic

Our new topic is all about different tribes who invaded ( and later settled in) England over a thousand years ago. We are going to start with the Anglo-Saxons who began to arrive after the Romans left. Watch the video links which will give you more information about them.

Topic - Art/History

Create your name using Anglo- Saxon Runes (writing)

Draw it on some paper so that we can put it up in the classroom when we are back in school.

First do it in pencil then go over it colours.

See what Miss Spooner’s name is in Anglo Saxon runes.

Use the Anglo- Saxon runes pdf to show you the different letters.


Today we are going to start reading a version of the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf. Listen to my introduction and then read the story and answer the questions in the PowerPoint below the video.



Still image for this video


Today our work is all about the 11 and 12 x table. There is a times table square to help you if you need it, Remember keep practising all your times tables, it will make maths this week much easier.

Watch the video and answer the worksheet as you go along. The answers there for you  to check your work afterwards.


11 and 12 x table

Still image for this video