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Tuesday 2nd

Tuesday 2nd March 2021


Good to see so many of you yesterday. How did you get on with your 4-in-a-row game. Did you win?

I am counting the days down until we are back togetherlaugh


Today you are going to be finding out about Tudor fashion, there is a word quiz you can choose to do as well.  In maths, you are going to use the 4 operations to make a number. There is a new daily PE task and in ICT you need to help Sir Francis Drake.


Please upload your maths and history today.



Miss Spooner :)



At 10:30am today the AMAAAAAZING ASSEMBLY will be streamed on YouTube for FREE so as many people as possible can join in with the World Book Day celebrations! Make sure to get ready a few minutes before time, so you don't miss anything.

Simply click the link below a few minutes before the assembly kicks off, then the video will start at 10:30am.

Now get comfortable... the most AMAAAAAZING Assembly EVER is about to begin


English/Topic - Tudor Fashion

Watch the video to find out about Tudor fashion. You are going to be comparing Tudor fashion to modern-day clothing. The PowerPoint is there for you to look at again and use the worksheet or draw the table in your book.

Tudor Fashion

Still image for this video

English - Optional Word Quiz

Have a go at this quiz in anticipation of World Book Day on Thursday.


Maths - Find 5 Different Ways

Year 4, maths activity (KS2).

Find 5 Different Ways To Make …

Make the numbers in 5 different ways whereby all four of the operations (+ - x and÷) are used. For example:

Notice that there are 2 multiplication facts.

Start with 24 and think of your own then try the numbers 36, 48 and 72.

Then choose  3 of your own numbers to do.

Daily PE Task

Try out this obstacle course on the link below.

ICT - Sir Francis's Flags

Sir Francis Drake, an explorer and a seaman, amongst other things, fought the Spanish Armada (Navy) in 1588, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Make sure you watch the video which will give you helpful hints.


Chapter 6 - The Pearl Earring

Still image for this video
'Diver's Daughter: A Tudor Story' by Patrice Lawrence, published by Scholastic