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Mathematics - L1 - Make Tally Charts

Please watch this supporting video on tally charts before you begin your practical activity.

Mathematics - Practical Tally Task

In support of your new learning around tallies, today we would like you to create your own tally charts. You should aim to make at least two tally charts – these could include members of your family, descriptions of your toys or data you gather whilst on a walk as part of your daily allowance of outside exercise. Some examples of things that you could make tally charts on could be:


  • Food choices: Asking people that live with you about their preferences on food items, such as; what is your favourite fruit, vegetable, table sauce, sweet? etc. (You might need to provide a limited list.)
  • Transport record: Making an observational record of modes of transport. This could be by colour, size or type etc. and could be done through your window at home or during a walk, if appropriate.
  • My toys: Create a tally based on toys at home – again this could be by colour, size, material or type.
  • Front doors: once again, if you are able to take a walk, tally the different types or colours of your neighbour’s front doors – Red, Blue, natural wood, white plastic etc.
  • Recycling: Make a tally linked to the materials found in your recycling this week – cardboard, paper, glass, plastic etc. (You must check with an adult at home first, especially if there is glass in your recycling).


We look forward to seeing your tallies. Remember to tally by striking through for the 5 and please use a ruler for making your tally charts.


As a Year 2 cohort, we have already investigated Polar, Desert, Ocean and Tropical habitats in school. Follow the link below to this week's science lesson with Miss Simkin on Urban Habitats from the Oak National Academy. You need to cycle through the lesson progression by clicking on the next button found in the bottom right section of the webpage.

PE with Joe Wicks

Get involved with the live sessions provided by Joe Wicks at 9am (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) or workout later to the recorded session on his YouTube channel. Follow the link below and get your body moving!