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Representing Music as Art


Please close your eyes and listen to a song below. You could listen to your own choice of song. Next, listen to the song once more, this time whilst painting or drawing. You do not have to draw or a paint an actual picture, it could be lines, swirls, dots, soft/hard/quick/slow brush strokes of all different colours. For example, if the music is going quickly you could do really quick lines, if the music is starting and stopping, you could draw some dots. What does your art piece look like at the end? Did you find this activity relaxing? You could compare your pictures by completing the activity listening to a fast song or a slow song. 

Some pieces of music: Beethoven - Für Elise 
Nessun Dorma Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Dwayne Johnson - You're Welcome (From "Moana") KIDZ BOP Kids - Dance Monkey The Beatles- Help



Maple and Aspen had a go at representing music through art. We listened to a song from the Zog animation, as Julia Donaldson is our topic this term. Please see the song attached and some of the children's work from Reception- enjoy!