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Monday 25th

Monday 25th January 2021


Good Morning,


I hope that you had fun in the snow yesterday. I know I did.


Today, you are going to be reading part one of Arthur and the Golden Rope, a book you are going to be using in English all week. In maths, you are going to learn what is meant by area and solve some problems. 

Plus in science take the chance to go on a sound walk around the house or outdoors. You are also going to learn about the only British king with 'the Great' after his name. 

Please upload your science and English today, thanks.


Have a good day

Miss Spooner :)


Read and listen to the PowerPoint of  'Arthur and the Golden Rope' part 1 by Joe Todd Stanton. There are questions to answer as you go through the story with them all on a slide at the end plus the answers. OR you can get the questions and answers on the word documents below.


This week our maths is all about area. Watch the video and do the worksheet as you go along. Question 1 is a task on the video. It's the same video and worksheet for both groups today.

Group 1 try and complete the whole sheet.

Group 2 - do up to at least number 4 (try the others though).

What is area?

Still image for this video


Today I want you to go on a sound walk. What noises can you hear around the house? Where is it the most noisy? Where is the quietest spot? Do you recognise all the noises you hear? If you are able to go outside, what noises can you hear in the garden?

Make a list of what you hear and where you hear all your noises. 

Topic - History - Anglo-Saxon Kings

Use the link below to listen to, read and watch all about Alfred the Great and the other Anglo-Saxon Kings. Then tell me 5 things you have found out about Alfred the Great and one fact about each of the other kings.


Chapter 26 & 27 Behind the Vines and The Green Sky

'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell, illustrated by Hannah Horn, published by Bloomsbury