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Tuesday 2nd

Tuesday 2nd February 2021


Good Morning,


Today you are going to become a dragon expert and use that expertise to decide which dragons suit which jobs. In maths, you are going to be carrying on looking at fractions. Plus you have another music lesson from Mr Clark as well as ICT and PE tasks to complete. 

You may also have tasks to do on Purple Mash and Mathletics to complete.

Please upload you maths and English today.


Make sure you are listening to (or reading - I know some of you have the book) How to Train Your Dragon.


Remember there are wellbeing activities to do too (link below).


Have fun today

Miss Spooner :)


Are you a dragon expert? Can you tell your gronckle  from your common brown? Choose a good hunter or the ideal family pet? Well, now is your chance to show off your expertise. 

Listen to and watch the video where you will find out your task today is choosing the right dragon for the right job. The PowerPoint and worksheet to help you are below the video.

Hooligan Tribe Dragons

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More work on fractions today and recognising unit and non-unit fractions. As well as putting fractions on a number line. Watch the video, pause it when you need to and answers the worksheet as you go along.

Group 2 make sure do questions 1 - 4.

What is a Fraction?

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See what you can remember from when we used logo in class. Help the children escape from the maze and the minotaur. There is a worksheet below to help.


Another lesson from Mr Clark today, in this lesson he will be teaching you about pitch (see how it links to our science experiment we did). Remember all Mr Clark's lessons are available in the Music Ukulele tab on the Bubble Closure page.

PE - In The Hat

Another fitness idea for you to try out. Read the instructions on how to set it up and have fun doing it. What other activities could you think of doing? Juggling, keepie-uppie?


Chapters 5 and 6 A Chat with Old Wrinkly and Meanwhile Deep in the Ocean

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'How to Train Your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell, illustrated by Cressida Cowell, published by Hodder Children's Books