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Thursday 4th Feb

Good morning, 

Well done for all of your efforts so far this week, I have really enjoyed seeing what you are getting up to.
Please find the work and video attached below...

Any questions, please let me know.

Enjoy your day!

We are learning about Number Bonds to 5 and 10. Please watch Miss O'Shea's virtual lesson below. Then choose either the number bonds to 5 or 10 sheet. The snail has no shell! Can you colour in his Numicon shell to help show number bonds to 5 or 10. Make sure to use the correct colours to represent each colour. Also, remember to use the swap the numbers around too, for example, 4 + 6 = 10 so this means 6 + 4 = 10 t00. Send your sheet to your teacher! How many number bonds can you find?

Music: Listen to the song The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. Which actions could you make up? Can you dance to the music? Send a video of you to your teachers!



Watch the virtual Phonics lessons by Mrs Morris and Miss O'Shea. Please send your teacher any writing that you do in your Phonics lesson. These lessons can be found on the 'daily phonics' star on the previous page. 


Please click the link for some free E Books your child could read.



Mental Health Activity: 
The state of your mental health affects how you think, feel, and ultimately how you act. It's crucial that we express these emotions with others on a daily basis. 

Listen to Miss O'Shea reading 'In my Heart: A Book of Feelings.' On each finger, can you write the name of someone you can speak to about how you feel? Now decorate the hand however you wish…

Please find handprint attached or you could go around your own hand! 

Can you create lots of spirals? Have a look at the ideas below. You could use chalk, paint, dots... 

04.02.2021 Number Bonds to 5 and 10

In My Heart: A Book Of Feelings