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Sport and Clubs

Sport and Clubs
At Warrender we are proud to provide a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities for children, both sport and non-sport related. In addition, through extended schools provision, Warrender also provides and 'signposts' a range of additional services for children and parents alike.

What is an Extended School?
An extended school works with the local authority and other partners to offer access to a range of services and activities which support and motivate children and young people to achieve their full potential. Every school must provide the core services and activities listed below:

  • A varied menu of activities (including study support) combined with high quality childcare, accessible 8:00am-6pm, five days a week, 48 weeks a year, through primary schools.
  • Community access to school facilities.
  • Swift and easy access (referral) to targeted and specialist services (ensuring that children with additional needs are identified as early as possible).
  • Parenting support (including transition support for their children).
  • Not every school provides all these activities on its site - access can be provided through other local schools or providers.

What extended provision does Warrender provide?

FACILITIES:  Acorns, our after school and breakfast club, provides care for children in Reception to Year 6.

SPORT: Warrender School offers a wide range of sporting activities for Infant and Junior children, including multi-sports, ball skills, boys and girl's football, netball, tag rugby, tennis, cricket and rounders.  Some of these clubs are provided by school staff and parent volunteers; others are provided by professional coaches.
MUSIC: The Local Authority provides three qualified musicians/teachers who come in weekly to teach selected children Woodwind, String and Brass lessons

Children normally start instrumental lessons in Year 4. Once parents have expressed an interest in lessons, our music teachers assess individual children for suitability. Children receive weekly tuition in small groups - please note that they make the best progress when parents are committed to regular practice at home!

OTHER ACTIVITIES: From time to time the School provides opportunity for children in varying year groups to develop other extra-curricular skills for example Cyling skills and Computer courses. Depending on the course, these are provided by a school staff or external providers.

RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL JOURNEY: There is a residential school journey for Class 6 in the summer term. It is a 5-day trip to an activity centre, where the children have the opportunity to try a range of adventurous activities in a safe and well-supervised setting.

Further Information

Please click on the link below to be see the Extra Curricular Clubs offered at Warrender School.