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Hope you are all doing well!

Today is Friday and I'm sure you’re all very good at counting and adding objects! Therefore, I have attached a seaside addition colouring sheet for you to complete. Feel free to use objects (e.g. pom poms, sweets etc.) to help you to add, if you need to. Take a picture of your completed colouring sheet.  

I know lots of you enjoyed this phonics game so for your daily reading activity, you will be using the Phonics Play website again (please see attached). Sound out, blend and identify if it a real word or an alien word. Make sure to spot any special friends first so you can blend the word quickly. How many did you get right? You could send a picture via dojo of you playing the game. 

Also, your weekly writing task (
draw a picture of a day at the seaside and use your sounds to write a sentence about it) has been uploaded to the 'weekly activities' on the Maple class page for you to complete. A new weekly writing task will be uploaded after the Easter break linked to our new topic, Supertato. 

What daily activity will you complete from the topic grid today? Make sure to record what you have done (photographs, videos, pictures etc.) and you can send it through to me. 

Thanks again for all of your hard work. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and Easter break!

Miss O'Shea