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Tuesday 12th Jan

Good morning,

Hope you are all doing well! 

Please find attached some activities that we would have completed this Tuesday. 

Feel free to send pictures of the work you have completed and I can award Dojos for this. Please Dojo me if you have any questions.

I hope you have a lovely day,

Today we are focusing on Gruffalo. Can you retell the Gruffalo story to your grown up? You could make your own characters as props to retell the story. You could send a video of you retelling part of the story to me.

Please find attached a sequencing sheet. Please cut the pictures, stick them in the correct order and write some words/sentences linked to the picture. Remember to use your sounds to write words/sentences. 


Please click on the link below to view The Gruffalo Ordering Video


I have muddled up two of the pictures when ordering them. I wonder if you can spot which two pictures I have muddled up.


On your walk can you collect some sticks, leaves, flowers etc. and make your own Gruffalo. Please make sure to send a picture to me via Dojo portfolio. 




Watch the virtual Phonics lessons by Mrs Morris and Miss O'Shea. Please send your teacher any writing that you do in your Phonics lesson. These lessons can be found on the 'daily phonics' star on the previous page. 


Please click the link for some free E Books your child could read.



Todays reading activity is a Gruffalo word search. Please take a photo of you and your finished word search and send it to me on dojo.


Please can you draw a picture of your favourite part of the Gruffalo story on a laptop/tablet/computer. Think carefully about the detail and colours to include. You can sign into Purple Mash, so that you can save your picture there. This link will enable you to play a range of Gruffalo games. You could send a picture to your teacher of you enjoying some of these games.