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Wednesday 10th Feb

Good morning, 

Well done for all of your hard work this week and for engaging with lots of the activities.

Please watch the video below and find attached the work for today.

Please message me if you have any questions. Enjoy your day! 
Miss O'Shea and Mrs Morris

Please watch Miss O'Shea's virtual lesson below all about money. Please open the worksheet below and choose the sheet which suits your child best. You will need to match the coin to the correct amount and practice writing the amount in the box provided. On the other page, you will then need to cut the coins out and put them in the correct order according to value (smallest value to largest.) 



Miss Molloy has created these beautiful pictures by rubbing coins with crayons. Could you make your own coin picture? Look carefully at the coins you use, can you tell your grown up what the value is? 




Watch the virtual Phonics lessons by Mrs Morris and Miss O'Shea. Please send your teacher any writing that you do in your Phonics lesson. These lessons can be found on the 'daily phonics' star on the previous page. 


Please click the link for some free E Books your child could read.



Have a look at the Dojo school story where you will find Mrs Walsh introducing the London Youth Challenges. Can you watch the video and copy the moves? Make sure to submit your scores. Good luck Aspen and Maple! 

Please find attached a selection of PE activities you could try out at home!

10.02.2021 Money: Recognising and Ordering Coins