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Monday 5th July

Good morning,

Here you will find lots of activities based on our new story, Aliens Love Underpants! 

Enjoy your day,
Miss O'Shea and Mrs Morris

Writing Task:
Today we will be reading the first half of the story, Aliens Love Underpants. We will also be writing about the first three pictures of the story, please find sheet attached. Please remember to use your sounds to write words. Check that you have finger spaces, full stops and capital letters. Send your work to your teacher! Audio Book



Watch the virtual Phonics lessons by Mrs Morris and Miss O'Shea. Please send your teacher any writing that you do in your Phonics lesson. These lessons can be found on the 'daily phonics' star on the previous page. 


Please click the link for some free E Books your child could read.

Can you make your very own alien? Make sure to send your picture to Miss O'Shea or Mrs Morris. 


Remember you can also complete the home learning tasks linked to space. 


Watch and join in with the Space PE Game. Can you follow the actions on the screen to avoid the astroids and shooting stars?


Can you practice your best letter formation ready for Year 1? Can you write sentences about what you did this weekend? 

Can you practice your best number formation ready for Year 1?  As a challenge, can you write your numbers to 100 and beyond in your best writing! 


Talk PANTS with Pantosaurus and his PANTS song #TalkPANTS Meet Pantosaurus - our pant-wearing Dino! He wants every child to stay safe and strong, just like him, and he's on a mission to share an important message.

You will also find some colouring sheets linked to Space, if you would like to use them