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Plastic Destroyers

Plastic Destroyer Group at Warrender



Children from Year 2 to Year 6, who are passionate about our enivronment and want to help Warrender and Mrs Brown to reduce the amount of plastic used in schools, have formed a plastic destroyer group.


Action Plan


Our first action as a group is to eliminate the use of plastic cutlery at lunchtimes! Each week, we are using over 1100 single use items.


Our group has spoken to the Pantry and lunchtime staff and from Wednesday 2nd March, all children will now be using metal cutlery in their classrooms when they each their hot lunches. 


Mrs Brown and the group have now sourced 80 new knives, forks and spoons to ensure the children have a set each at lunch. 

Arranging plastic free cutlery!

Litter picking and tidying our community!