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Friday 15th January


Please listen to storytime led by Miss O'Shea or Mrs Morris. 

Can you make a cosy reading den ready for your storytime? 

Also, listen to some storytimes on Cbeebies. What was your favourite part of the story? You may be able to find some special Christmas stories to share with your family. 

Listen to some relaxing music, close your eyes and breathe slowly. Touch your nose when breathing in and rainbow breath out. Hold your tummy this time... Feel your tummy getting bigger as you breathe out and smaller as you breathe in. You could show your family how we do our 'calm time' in PSHE. 

Search on YouTube Cosmic Yoga. Can you copy the Yoga teacher?  

This term, our new PSHE topic is Dreams and Goals.


PSHE session: Parent to act out building a tower and then make it fall down. Don’t rebuild it and say that you’re giving up and leave it. Try doing some writing/drawing but again give up because you can’t do it. Then sit looking bored, saying things like you can’t do it, it’s too hard.


What will happen if I don’t try and give up easily on everything? Explain to the children that there are things we may not be good at and want to get better at. Give some examples of things they could work at in school or at home. What will happen if we don’t try and give up easily on everything? What would you do? How can you achieve your goal? You could send your child's responses as a poster or as a video. 

As a family, come up with a goal to achieve at home and talk about how you can achieve it​.


Watch the virtual Phonics lessons by Mrs Morris and Miss O'Shea. Please send your teacher any writing that you do in your Phonics lesson. These lessons can be found on the 'daily phonics' star on the previous page. 


Please click the link for some free E Books your child could read.

Ongoing Phonics Tasks: 
-Listen to our Tricky Words song, can you write any tricky words down? 
-Can you play the game PhonicsPlay online? Which words are real or alien words?
-Sing our sentence song
-Practice writing sentences at home

-Practice your tricky words at home

-Practice your letter formation (please see Phonics section)

-Go on a sound hunt/blending hunt around the house or on your walk 

Please see our Phonics section on our class page. Can you practice your pre cursive writing? Be sure to say each formation rhyme as you write each letter. You could practice your pre cursive using colourful pens or with a paintbrush in sand or sugar or even glitter! Make sure to send a picture to your teacher.


You could watch the Gruffalo animation

15.01.2021 Storytime with Miss O'Shea: The Gruffalo's Child