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Purple Mash Spelling Test

Login to Purple Mash and complete the 2Do labelled Friday Spelling Test. Good luck!

Mathematics - Draw 2D shapes

Watch this supporting video by White Rose and then complete the worksheet below. Tick or Fix your answers using the marking sheet provided through the tab at the bottom of the page.

Mathematics - Draw 2D Shapes

Art: Animal Portrait Prints

Using your experimentation from last week along with your understanding of sketching and line drawings, create your own portrait of an animal using a mixture of printing and drawing. Think about the shapes of the animal, the patterns in its skin, fur or feathers and how you can include this is your portrait; what fruits or vegetables will make the perfect textures? Once you've made your prints, outline and add detail with pencils or pens, bringing your creations to life. Why not check out our old friends at 'Art for Kids Hub' for some drawing ideas 


Watch the Pedestrian Training video below on Road Safety and complete the 10 question quiz. 

London Youth Games Challenge

Check out the Warrender School dojo story to see Mrs Walsh modelling this weeks challenge for the London Youth Games. Follow the link to submit your scores and help support Warrender school.