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The INTENT of our reading curriculum is to ensure all children ASPIRE to develop a love and appreciation of reading. Children will develop an interest in reading a range of genres and authors; using their phonetic skills, fluency and expression to gain knowledge of the world around them. At Warrender School, we are dedicated to making our children confident and inquisitive lifelong readers, enhancing their opportunities and experiences.


It is our aim in reading that all children:

ACHIEVE by learning to read through our synthetic phonics programme, Read Write Inc. This programme aims to teach children to recognise, sound out and blend words in order to read and write fluently.

RESPECT books for the varied knowledge and support they provide, whether this be academic, emotional or social support for themselves or their peers.

Take PRIDE in using their reading skills to discover more of the world around them, introducing them to new subjects and allowing them to delve further into their appreciation and interest of reading.

Show ENJOYMENT in the books they choose to explore and share with friends and family.

INSPIRE others to become skilled, confident and investigative readers through their individual passion for reading.

SUPPORT not only friends and family but also their own reading experiences by having the confidence to explore genres, using the vocabulary they have developed through reading. Children are expected to support their own reading experiences but continuing their love of reading outside of school.

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